Cocoa farm in the Northern Region of Malawi crafting a series of products.

April 2022 hand pollination of cocoa trees

Our Story

Since 2013 Kwanza Cocoa has been dedicated to creating a sustainable supply chain of cocoa through its plantation in Luwazi, Nkhata Bay and create a series of cocoa products that have been grown & crafted in Malawi.

We started our journey of value addition of cocoa products in July of 2021 to create our single origin craft chocolate with cocoa beans from our farm and other farmers in Malawi.

Our flagship product is our craft chocolate which features local inclusions such as the famous Kambuzi Chilli, Coffee, Mangoes, Baobab and many more.

What Makes Us Different

Our Products are Grown & Crafted In Malawi

At Kwanza Cocoa a key element of our business is our support and implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and these being the following:

Gender Equality: Our team consists of 10 people 60% of them being female. We work with female farmers in the Luwazi area and provide them with free cocoa seedlings and training.

Responsible Production and Consumption: Our products come straight from the farm to your household without having a carbon footprint of going overseas to be processed.

Life on Land: We plant 3,000+ cocoa trees annually. Through this we have established an out-growers program engaging farmers across the country who have an interest in agriculture and want to diversify into cocoa program. We provide seedling and train farmers in BEST cocoa practices.

Meet Core Our Team


Through our network of customers and supporters we have managed to get our products to across the globe.